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Section 3.09.04: Required Semester Contact with Field Faculty, Site Visits and Key Learning Experience/Project Summary

Required field faculty, student and field instructor communications and collaborations:

Field faculty will have at least one required contact with each assigned student during the semester and at least one required contact with the field instructor during the semester. This could occur during Field Connections meetings with field faculty and students, individual student meetings, phone or Zoom contact with the field instructor, and/or during an agency site visit (conducted in-person or by phone or Zoom). Students and field instructors may also reach out to field faculty whenever needed. Additional communications and collaborations are also provided throughout the term as needed to support student learning goals and overall field education. Each student will have at least one agency site visit that includes a joint meeting with the student, field instructor and field faculty during the time they are in field.

The goal of these contacts is to evaluate the student’s progress to date, discuss key learning experiences, identify and potential concerns and develop plans of action as needed. To prepare for these communications and collaborations, students and field instructors should discuss and reflect on:

- How their field site operates, how they have acclimated to the setting, and sharing some of their successes and challenges.

- The educational assignments as related to developing proficiency with the corresponding practice behaviors.

- Their Key Learning Experience/Project Summary Worksheet

- How PODS has impacted their placement experience.

- The progress they have made with regard to their personal and professional growth and overall skill development.

Additional topics may include:

- Review several Supervision Agendas used during the term

- How the WHAT? SO WHAT? NOW WHAT Reflection Tool is being utilized

- How critical thinking is being utilized in field practice

- Concerns or issues that have emerged during the term

- Ethical questions or challenges that may have been encountered

- How course work and field are being integrated

- Discussion on the use of social media

- PODS Reflections

- Review of self-care plan

- Review of the end of term evaluation

Key Learning Experience (KLE)/Project Summary: This will be submitted through the SW 515/SW 691 Canvas course site at the conclusion of each field term.

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