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Section 3.09.03: Advanced Educational Agreement

Students enrolled in SW 691 "Advanced Field Education" complete an educational agreement each term for their primary pathway. This form reflects the competencies and practice behaviors for "Advanced Field Education" specific to pathway and focuses on developing knowledge and skills in the student's chosen pathway. Students are assigned a particular educational agreement form based on their identified pathway. This will allow the student to develop specific field-based competencies related to their chosen pathway

The Educational Agreement is based on the course statements for the pathway specializations.

The Educational Agreement is designed to assist students in gaining competency at the advanced level of practice focusing on the competencies and developing proficiency in the established pathway-based practice behaviors. The current competencies and practice behaviors:

Students, in conjunction with their assigned field instructor, will select specific, culturally competent, professional-practice-focused assignments that are behaviorally specific, measurable and illustrate advanced skill development. These assignments are designed to guide and help the student and field instructor focus on the acquisition of the overall competency
at an advanced level. Students will provide justification of field activities that fulfill the selected assignments for each competency and strive to become proficient in the practice behaviors for each competency. While being educationally focused, student assignments are designed to contribute to the actual work of the field site. Students are encouraged to share their course syllabi and identify where a course-based assignment could be completed in the field setting. The goal is for the student to have field-based learning opportunities which will assist them in deepening, extending, and applying advanced-level knowledge and skills.

Advanced educational agreements are completed for each term the student is enrolled in SW 691 "Advanced Field Education". The educational agreement also serves as an evaluation too at the end of each term. The student provides self-ratings for each competency, which will be reviewed and discussed with the field instructor, who will determine the final ratings. The field instructor then submits the final ratings to the field faculty for course grading.

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