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Section 3.09.02: Foundation Educational Agreement

Students enrolled in SW 515 "Foundation Field Education" complete the online Foundation Field Education Educational Agreement Form. This form reflects the competencies for "Foundation Field Education", which focuses on generalist practice. As such, students should be exposed to multiple social work roles and skills applicable to different problems, constituencies, settings, and multiple levels of practice. Therefore, assignments include both micro and macro methods.

The field curriculum utilizes Bloom's taxonomy of cognitive development as a reference tool in the development of competent social work professionals. Students will become familiar with these stages of development as they relate to the identification and creation of field-based assignments that allow them to participate in a beginning-, middle- and end-stage approach to their learning.

The Foundation Educational Agreement form is designed to assist students in gaining competency with generalist level of practice focusing on the field competencies and developing proficiency in the established practice behaviors. The current CSWE competencies and practice behaviors:

Students strive to become proficient in the practice behaviors for each competency.

While being educationally focused, student assignments must contribute to the actual work of the field site. Students are encouraged to share their course syllabi and identify where a course-based assignment could be completed in the field setting. The goal is for the student to have field-based learning opportunities which will assist them in deepening, extending, and applying
foundation-level knowledge and skill.

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