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Section 3.08.04: Policy on Unsuccessful Field Placement Interviews and Failure to Meet the Technical Standards Related to Field

Students must have a successful interview in order to receive a placement and proceed with the field education courses (SW 515 and SW 691). If the student is not accepted for the placement after the interview, they should reach out to the OFE field faculty, as they may have feedback from the field site that can help the student going forward.
Occasionally, a student is not accepted for field placement after the initial interview because the field site identifies the student has displayed inappropriate professional behavior and/or has failed to demonstrate the ability to meet the
U-M SSW Technical Standards. Inappropriate professional behavior can include, but is not limited to, arriving late for an interview or not calling/showing up for the interview; unprofessional behavior, dress, hygiene, or language during the interview; unsuitable affect during the interview; or exhibiting behavior deemed not acceptable/suitable to the field site and the clients being served.

If a student turns down two field placement offers after interview or is not accepted by the field site for a field placement after two different interviews and/or if at any point the student fails to display the abilities and attributes identified in the
U-M SSW Technical Standards, the student may not be allowed to interview further until a student success meeting occurs.

Student success meetings include the student, the assistant dean for field education, the MSW program director, the assistant dean for student services, the student's faculty advisor, and others deemed appropriate. The purpose of the meeting will be to assess and address behaviors of concern, assist the student in addressing and correcting these behaviors, and establishing an individualized plan of action including next steps and a timeline. At this point, the student may be referred by the associate dean for educational programs and to the Academic Concerns Committee, which reviews students having academic difficulty, including in field. Outcomes of meetings at this level will be decided on a case-by-case basis but could result in dismissal from the program.

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