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Section 3.08.03: Interviewing for Field Placement

The interview is an opportunity for the student to learn about the field placement and for field site to learn about the student. If a field site/field instructor decides to interview the student, the OFE field faculty will put the student in contact with the field instructor to set up a time for the interview.

Please know that we have emphasized inclusive/equity-based teaching in our training of field instructors. This includes using inclusive strategies during the placement interview process such as:

• Providing directions including parking, accessible entrances and where to go inside of the building
• Providing a description of the learning objectives of the field placement
• Providing a list of interview questions to each candidate
• Sharing the demographics of the client system and staff

During the interview, field site personnel assess the student's level of interest, suitability for the general type of assignments they have in mind, and field schedules. The student can share their interests, their previous experiences, and discuss the skills they would like to acquire. The student should also ask questions to get an idea of the activities they will participate in to make sure they can meet their learning goals.

To respect the time commitment of the field instructors and the resources at the field site, students interview one place at a time. The interview is meant for the student to evaluate the field site as much as the field site is evaluating the student. If the field site offers the student the student the placement, the student then decides whether they want to accept the placement. If both agree, the field instructor and, the student will inform the OFE field faculty and the placement is finalized. If the student is not granted an interview or is not accepted after the interview, the OFE field faculty will work with the student to understand and discuss the circumstances and next steps for moving the student on to another placement option.

Field site interviews should be handled like a job interview, so students are reminded to wear appropriate professional attire. This applies to both in-person and virtual interviews. See the Interview section of the Incoming Field Student page under MySSW on the School of Social Work website.

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