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Section 3.08.02: Referral for Interview at Field Site

Once a student has submitted the field application, they will receive a confirmation email and assignment to one of our field faculty for placing.

The OFE field faculty will review application materials, and the student-identified potential placement site preferences. Application materials will then be sent to the field site/field instructor for review.

If the field instructor/field site would like to interview a student, an email to connect the student with the field instructor and/or field site will be sent and the student and the field instructor or the field site will set up an interview.

After the interview, the student and the field instructor will email their assigned field faculty to confirm they are accepting the placement and the student.

If the student decides the field site is not a match, they should alert their assigned field faulty. If the field site determines that the field site is not a match, the student will be notified and their OFE field faculty will pursue new field options. If the field site decided to turn down the student, OFE will share any feedback received that can help the student in their next interview.

If a situation arises in which a student is turned down after three interviews, or if the student rejects field sites after two interviews, depending on the circumstances, a student success meeting may be scheduled. This meeting would include a faculty representative from the OFE, the assistant dean for field education, the student’s faculty advisor, the MSW program director, and the assistant dean for student services. The purpose of such a meeting would be to identify barriers to field success and develop an action plan.

Some field sites require additional application procedures and/or letters of reference as part of the routine of applying for field placement. If needed, the OFE placing team will let the student know. Please note, student references that were provided for purposes of admission to the School of Social Work cannot be released for purposes involving field education. Students will need to re-contact their references and seek additional copies.

In addition, many sites will require a criminal history background check, drug screening, and/or particular immunizations.

The field site interviews only those students they feel best match their needs and their ability to offer the type/kinds of student training that the student requires.

All students must successfully interview and be selected for placement by the field site in order to progress through the MSW program.

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