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Section 3.05.01: Employment-Based Field Placements Policy

CSWE Council on Accreditation Updates on Employment Based Field Education (July 2022) can be found in the 2022 EPAS ( ).

Accreditation Standard 3.3.7
The program has a policy documenting whether it permits field placements in an organization in which the student is also employed. If permitted, student assignments and employee tasks may qualify as field hours when directly linked to the nine social work competencies (and any additional competencies added by the program) and level of
practice (generalist or specialized). Field education supervision may be provided by the same supervisor if field education supervision is distinct from employment supervision and the supervisor meets the requirements of Accreditation Standard 3.3.6. The policy documents how the program assists students with field education continuation or change in situations where a student becomes unemployed in an organization where field education has co-occurred with employment.

The School of Social Work policy and guidelines on employment-based field education can be found on the SSW website:

The relationship between education and employment is central to the evaluation of an employment-based field placement proposal. The achievement of learning and educational objectives is the central focus involved in the consideration of an employment-based field placement proposal. In addition, the Council on Social Work Education competencies must be included and the focus of the field education experience at all times. The employment-based field placement proposal must demonstrate that educational time will be protected and that the educational and learning objectives of the field placement will include educational supervision and be accomplished within the perimeters of the Office of Field Education policies and requirements.

If a student wishes to request a field placement in a field site in which they will be simultaneously employed, please reach to the Office of Field Education at least three (3) months prior to the start of the field placement.

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