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Section 3.04.00: Enrollment Requirements & Out-of-Sequence Field Plans

Students must enroll in field education during the terms in which field is conducted. Students are only covered by the university's liability insurance when officially enrolled. No academic credit will be given for field conducted during a term for which a student is not enrolled in field courses.

Under some circumstances, students may find it necessary to alter the number of field credits that they are taking each term, or the terms in which they are taking field. If the student’s field schedule is different than their course planning worksheet, they need to contact the Office of Field Education to complete an
Out-of-Sequence Petition.

The field site must also agree to the proposed schedule and be able to accommodate the student's request.

Some field placements require students to have an alternative field schedule, which may or may not include using elective credits to enroll in more field or beginning field a term early, in order to qualify for the field placement. Your field faculty will help you navigate this requirement if you select an applicable field placement.

Students who need to enroll for 4 credits during the first term due to the requirements of the field site, should register for 2 credits of SW 515 and SW 691 for 2 credits.

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