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Section 3.02.04: Immunizations/Vaccination Recommendations

There are established federal guidelines regarding occupational health and safety in health care (OSHA). These guidelines are established to protect the working public and to help employees take proper precautions to enhance their well-being. Certain immunizations are recommended for anyone who plans to interact with clients in many community-based settings. Therefore, it is advisable for students to obtain the most up-to-date set of immunizations before field begins. This may include: COVID vaccine, flu vaccine, Tuberculosis screening test, hepatitis B vaccine.

Some field sites will require students to present documentation verifying that they have received particular immunizations before they begin the field placement. The guidelines are interpreted very differently in each field setting, so students are required to find out from the field site which immunizations are required during the interview process. If immunizations are required, students need to find out from the field instructor whether they can obtain the immunizations at the field site and/or whether the site will cover the costs.

The Office of Field Education will inform students what medical forms are required by individual field sites. It is the student's responsibility to complete the forms including required signatures and give it to the field site for review and disposition. The field site is responsible for evaluating the forms and instructing the student should additional information be required.

Many immunizations are available through University Health Service, 207 Fletcher Street, (734) 764-8320. Please consult the website for a list of available services:

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