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Section 2.13.10: Out-of-Sequence Plans for Field Education

Under some circumstances students may find it necessary to alter their field education sequence from either the 16-month or the 20-month schedule. Students wishing an out-of-sequence schedule must access a petition form at .

Students cannot start field education during the spring/summer term unless permission is granted by the assistant dean for field education. Any student who changes their curriculum schedule for field education such that it does not follow either the 16- or 20-month schedule must submit an
Out-of-Sequence Petition, indicating the reasons for the requested change. Such a petition must be signed by the field faculty and signed and approved by the assistant dean for field education.

Petition forms must be submitted at the earliest date possible.

NOTE: Approval of the Out-of-Sequence plan should be determined before the beginning of the Winter term so necessary adjustments in the second term program may be made.

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