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Section 2.13.07: MicroMasters and MasterTrack MSW Curriculum Schedules

These schedules are designed for students enrolled in the U-M SSW MicroMasters and MasterTrack programs. Prospective students with extensive of human service experience, verified by resume review, are eligible to apply. Applicants must meet the same admissions requirements as those set for the MSW program to be considered for admission. In addition, students must successfully complete the U-M SSW MicroMasters certificate provided on the edX platform and successfully complete the comprehensive examination prior to enrollment. Students who are enrolled in the MasterTrack Certificate Program must successfully complete the certificate program on the Coursera platform.

Students interested in the on-campus program enter in the fall term and take academic coursework for three (full-time) or seven (part-time) consecutive semesters. Full-time students in the on-campus MSW program are concurrently enrolled in field education in each of their three terms.

MicroMasters or MasterTrack students in the online MSW program will completed the MSW degree over seven consecutive semesters (part-time schedule) and can enter the program during the fall, winter, or spring/summer semesters. To arrange field placements, students must contact the Office of Field Education at the time of admission, especially those seeking to enter employment-based field placements. Refer to
volume 3, section 5.01 Employment-Based Field Placements Policy, for more information.

Part-time MasterTrack or MicroMasters MSW students in either the on-campus MSW program or the online MSW program enroll in field education during the last four terms of enrollment of the seven-term program.

Course planning worksheets for MasterTrack and MicroMasters MSW students can be found at .

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