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Section 2.13.03: The 20-Month Curriculum Schedule

This schedule begins in September, excludes the spring/summer term, and concludes with graduation date in April/May at the end of the second academic year.

This schedule is designed for full-time students who will benefit from a spring/summer break in their program. Students enter in the fall term and graduate 20 months later at the end of their second winter term of enrollment. The 20-month
Course Planning Worksheet indicates the typical course schedule by term.

Typically, field education begins in the winter term for two days per week, continues in the second fall term for three days per week, and concludes in the second winter term for three days per week.

Twenty-month students will have one field placement, which will begin in the first winter term (2 credits of SW 515). Students return to the same field placement for the second fall (6 credits of SW 691) and second winter (6 credits of SW 691) terms.

20-month curriculum schedule (912 field clock hours)*
Term 1 (fall) - Classes only; 0 field credits
Term 2 (winter) - Classes and 2 field days (16 field hours) per week = 2 credits of SW 515 (228 clock hours)
Term 3 (fall) - Classes and 3 field days (24 field hours) per week = 6 credits of SW 691 (342 clock hours)
Term 4 (winter) - Classes and 3 field days (24 field hours) per week = 6 credits of SW 691 (342 clock hours)

*Above is the standard schedule. While scholarships and certain field placements may require different credits per term, the total number of credits required to graduate is the same.

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