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Section 2.13.00: Advanced Standing Option for Eligible Students

Students are notified if they are eligible for advanced standing. Students qualify for advanced standing status if they:

a. Graduated from a CSWE- or CASWE-accredited BSW program;

b. Maintained a GPA of 3.5 or above in the equivalent of the final two years of undergraduate study
(approximately the last 60–75 semester hours) as calculated by the school's Office of Student Services
and Enrollment Management at the time of application;

c. Completed the BSW degree within seven years from the student's MSW start date.

Students who are granted advanced standing have the number of hours required to receive the MSW degree reduced from 60 to 45 credits.

If a student chooses to decline the advanced standing status, they must complete a
Decline-Renounce Advanced Standing form through the Office of Student Services end Enrollment Management (if prior to registration) or indicate this in writing to the SSW registrar early in the first term of enrollment. Upon receipt of this signed agreement, the decision is irrevocable.

Advanced-standing students may not transfer in coursework on the foundation level, which is equivalent to the following courses: SW 506, 507, 508, 509, 515; advanced-standing students already have their MSW program reduced by 13 foundation-level credits and 3 elective credits.

Advanced standing decisions are irrevocable unless approved by the associate dean for educational programs.

Full-time Advanced Standing Option
The advantage of the full-time advanced standing option is that it may shorten the time necessary to complete all requirements for the degree to three terms of full-time enrollment, but this will require careful planning. Advanced-standing students must follow the same rules of entry into closed courses as other students. The advanced standing course planning worksheet indicates the typical course schedule by term. Graduation normally occurs at the end of the spring/summer term for full-time students.

Twelve of the required 45 credits must be completed in field education. Advanced-standing students begin SW 691 "Advanced Field Education" in the fall term and continue in classes and field for the following winter and spring/summer terms. Advanced-standing students are typically in field education for two days per week for the three terms; however, if students are placed in public school settings they often enroll in field placement for three days per week during the fall and winter terms.

Students who deviate from the standard advanced standing curriculum schedule in field education must complete an Out-of-Sequence Petition found under the MySSW section of the School of Social Work website. Students' field schedules are designed to be congruent with academic coursework.

Advanced Standing Curriculum Schedule (684 field clock hours)*
Term 1 (fall) - Classes and 2 field days per week = 4 credits of SW 691 (228 clock hours)
Term 2 (winter) - Classes and 2 field days per week = 4 credits of SW 691 (228 clock hours)
Term 3 (spring/summer) - Classes and 2 field days per week = 4 credits of SW 691 (228 clock hours)

*Above is the standard schedule. Scholarships and certain field placements may require different credits per term, but the total number of credits required to graduate is the same.

Part-time Advanced Standing Option (On-campus or Online)
The 45-credit hour advanced standing program is also available on a part-time, seven-term basis. The
Course Planning Worksheet for this option is available at .

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