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Section 2.09.03: Language Courses

Since virtually all beginning language courses are undergraduate courses, the following guidelines will apply:

In keeping with the multicultural mission of the school, students may apply up to four (4) graduate-level language credits toward their MSW degree. The language under consideration must have relevance to the population of interest to the student and must be approved by the advisor. These credits will be counted as elective credit.

a. One (1) credit hour of an undergraduate language course which does not award graduate credit is
equal to 0.5 hours of graduate credit.

b. One (1) credit hour of a graduate language course is equal to one (1) credit hour of graduate credit.

c. In order to be counted toward the MSW degree, the student must earn a grade of B or better in
an undergraduate course and C– or better in a graduate course.

d. Credit hours from language courses taken prior to entering the MSW program may not be
counted toward the MSW degree.

In order for graduate credit to be granted for an undergraduate language course, a request for graduate credit form needs to be signed and approved by the student's faculty advisor. The form can be found at and needs to be submitted to the SSW Registrar. Credit will not be granted until the subsequent term provided that at least the minimum grade has been earned.

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