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Section 2.09.01: Independent Studies Courses

There are occasions when a student wishes to study a special social work-related topic for which no regular course is being offered. In this situation, an independent study may be completed. The student must first obtain the approval of a faculty member who is willing to sponsor and supervise the course. An explicit contract must be developed about the content of the course, the nature of the assignments, and the form of the evaluation. An Independent Studies recording form must be completed and is available at

An independent study course may be counted as an elective. Occasionally, an independent study course can substitute for a required course. Such substitution requires an explanation as to why the required course cannot be completed, how the independent study satisfies the specific course objectives of the substituted course, and the approval of the instructor, a technical advisor and the exemption consultant, if necessary. The
MSW program director has the final approval on substitutions for required courses. Students may register for no more than six (6) credits of independent study coursework per term, and for a maximum of twelve (12) independent study credits overall to meet degree requirements.

It is assumed that each credit hour of in-class time will require additional time outside of class, as noted in the Credit Hour Policy ( ).

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