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Section 2.08.00: Field Education

Students' field placement, or “field” as we often refer to it, is the hands-on training portion of the MSW program and is the signature pedagogy of social work education. Field is the opportunity for students to take the concepts and skills they learn in the classroom and apply them in a real-world learning environment. For these field courses, students will be placed in a field site based on the selected primary pathway and learning goals.

A student must earn 14 hours of field education credits (912 clock hours), of which 12 of the 14 credit hours must be in "Advanced Field Education" (SW 691), in order to graduate. At least 8 credit hours of advanced field education must be in the student's specialized pathway. Advanced standing students need only 12 hours of advanced field education credits (684 clock hours) to graduate.

U.S. citizenship or legal permanent resident status is required for all students in the online MSW program. Students who are living abroad must complete their field placement in the U.S.

The field education program is structured according to students' curriculum schedule. Please visit for more information.

See more detailed information about field education in volume III.

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