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Section 2.07.03: Doctoral Degree (Pre-MSW) Field Schedules And Requirements

Students entering the Joint Doctoral Program in Social Work and Social Science without the MSW (professional degree) enroll simultaneously in the School of Social Work and the doctoral program. They must complete all required coursework and satisfy requirements for field education. In consultation with their faculty advisor, the doctoral student may elect to substitute the research internship (or departmental equivalent) for up to 8 credits of field.

All pre-MSW doctoral students are scheduled to start field placement in the winter term. The field application deadline for the winter term placement start is in October. All students must enroll in SW 515 (2 credits) and SW 691 (4 required credits) for a minimum of 6 field credits. Doctoral students can substitute up to 8 of the 14 required field placement credits with their research practicum. Should a doctoral student decide to start field in the fall term, they must consult with the doctoral degree field faculty and the assistant dean for field education, who will assist them in completing the required Out-of-Sequence Petition. The Out-of-Sequence Petition can be found under MySSW on the School of Social Work website. Students are also required to seek consultation from the SSW Doctoral Office regarding their schedule and commitments.

Winter & Spring/Summer Term Field Placement Schedule and Credits
SW 515: 2 credits foundation field = 228 clock hours or 2 days per week in the field setting. Winter term.
SW 691: 4 credits advanced field = 228 clock hours or 2 days per week in the field setting. Spring/summer term.

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