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Section 2.07.02: Distinction Between Foundation and Advanced Field

Field Credit Structure
"Foundation Field Education" (SW 515) = 2 credits total required. Each credit corresponds to 114 clock hours, so 2 × 114 = 228 total clock hours for foundation field.

"Advanced Field Education" (SW 691) = 12 credits total required. Each credit corresponds to 57 clock hours, so 57 × 12 = 684 total clock hours for advanced field.

Grand total field credits and clock hours required = 14 credits and 912 clock hours (unless advanced-standing status is granted or student is exempt from SW 515. In this case, the grand total is 12 credits and 684 clock hours).

Field Goals
"Foundation Field Education" (SW 515): Student attains generalist perspective and fundamental skills through exposure to multiple roles and practice approaches while being introduced to the required social work competencies.
"Advanced Field Education" (SW 691): Student deepens knowledge, skills and proficiency in the social work competencies of their chosen pathway.

Skill Level
"Foundation Field Education" (SW 515): Emerging competency.
"Advanced Field Education" (SW 691): Emerging competency, Competency and advanced competency.

Field Assignments
"Foundation Field Education" (SW 515): Assignments are based on the course statements for SW 515.

"Advanced Field Education"
(SW 691): Advanced field assignments are based on the SW 691 course statement that pertains to the student's pathway. Assignments are related to the pathway and practice behaviors established by the pathway. At least 80% of assignments should involve practice in the student's specialized pathway.

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