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Section 2.03.00: Essentials Course Content

Essential course content is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills that every social worker should have, regardless of their area of specialization. The essentials curriculum provides students with an introduction to the fundamentals social welfare policy as well as social policy formation; direct practice methods at multiple system levels (i.e., individual, family, group, organization, and community); social work and social science research and program evaluation; and social work’s role related to social justice, diversity and oppression. Most of this essentials content is contained in the foundation curriculum, as follows:

• SW 590 "Introduction to Social Work Practice"
• SW 505 "Engaging Social Justice, Diversity, and Oppression in Social Work"
• SW 506 "Essentials of Interpersonal Practice"
• SW 507 "Research Basics for Social Work Practice"
• SW 508 "Essentials of Social Welfare Policy"
• SW 509 "Essentials of Community and Organizational Practice"

Essential course content is also contained in the following, advanced courses:

• SW 649 "Practicing Policy with Current Events"
• SW 678 "Program Evaluation and Applied Research"
• SW 689/699 "Social Work Capstone"

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