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Section 1.18.00: Policies Related to Students with Disabilities

The University of Michigan complies with federal and state laws which affect qualified persons with disabilities. It is the policy and practice of the School of Social Work to provide equitable educational opportunities for students with documented disabilities in all programs and activities, including internships or field placements. Students with disabilities who require academic accommodations are encouraged to register with the University of Michigan Office of Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD).

SSD provides assistance regarding academic, economic, social, and recreational activities to students who have documented disabilities. Supportive services available through SSD include assistance with classroom accommodations, volunteer readers and note takers, sign language and oral interpreters, accessible transportation, orientation and registration assistance, special scholarships, and aids for reading and studying, such as Braille and large print materials, assistive technology, and telecommunication devices for the deaf and hard of hearing. SSD coordinators also serve as intermediaries and advocates for students with disabilities.

The Office of Field Education strongly encourages students with a disability to contact the Office of Field Education before applying to field in order to discuss any special considerations that students may have to negotiate in field.

To register or find out more about services, contact Services for Students with Disabilities, G664 Haven Hall, Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1045, (734) 763-3000 or visit

Students with disabilities may also contact the Office of Student Services and Enrollment Management at (734) 936-0961 / . Students with disabilities may also contact the Office of Field Education at (734) 764-5331 / or field-related questions.

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