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Section 1.17.01: Financial Aid Appeal Process

a. A student who feels an error has been made or policy misapplied in a particular case can
bring the matter to the attention of the assistant dean for enrollment management through a written
request for a revision of the financial aid award or decision. Students are notified of this revision
process each academic year.

If a student is dissatisfied with the determination regarding a revision request, the matter may
be brought before the associate dean for educational programs for further consideration. The
associate dean may consult with the Recruitment, Admissions, Student Services, and Financial
Aid (RASSFA) Committee regarding policy matters, as necessary.

Students who believe that they have been treated in an arbitrary, capricious, or
discriminatory manner with regard to financial aid decisions, the student may contact the Office
of the Dean.

All appeals must be submitted prior to the end of the term during which the financial
aid decision was implemented.

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