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Section 1.15.02: Policies and Procedures Governing Student Records

Student and alumni records are maintained by the School of Social Work in compliance with the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974. With specific and limited exceptions, noted below, the following principles shall serve as guidelines:

a. The School will maintain identifiable records or parts thereof only for that period reasonably
necessary to serve a basic official function; and while so maintained, such information will not be
shared beyond those implementing its original purposes.

b. Information contained in the records will be available to sources outside the University only when
authorized by the student or authorized by law.

c. Students shall have reasonable access to their records insofar as that access does not violate the
rights of others, in keeping with the University's policy on "Student Rights and Student Records."

d. Data maintained solely for research purposes should not be identifiable as to person.

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