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Section 1.15.01: School of Social Work Statement of Student Rights

In accordance with the recommendation of the Council on Social Work Education, the School has developed and approved the following statement of student rights:

1. The right to be free of prejudiced or capricious academic evaluations.

2. The right of students to organize in their own interests as students.

3. The right to have representation and participation on standing committees of the school.

4. The right of students, individually or in association with other individuals, to engage freely in
off-campus activities, exercising their rights as citizens of community, state, and nation.
Students shall not claim to represent the School of Social Work or the university formally unless
authorization has been obtained.

5. The right to establish and issue publications free of any censorship or other pressure aimed at
controlling editorial policy, with the free selection and removal of editorial staff reserved solely to
the organizations sponsoring those publications. Such publications must not claim to represent
the School of Social Work or the university unless authorization has been obtained.

6. The right of recognized student organizations to use School of Social Work meeting facilities
provided the meeting facilities are used for the purpose contracted, subject only to such
regulations as are required for scheduling meeting times and places.

7. The right of students and recognized student organizations to invite and hear speakers of their
choice on subjects of their choice. Students and student organizations who extend invitations to
speakers must not claim to represent the School of Social Work or the university unless
authorization has been obtained.

8. The right to petition through proper channels for changes in curriculum, field education, faculty
advisor, and grades, and to petition through channels in cases of grievance.

9. The rights of students who are participating in research or scholarly endeavors under faculty
direction as part of their formal academic program to receive appropriate recognition for their
contribution to the process.

10. The right of equal opportunity to enjoy these rights without regard to age, class, color, culture,
creed, disability and ability, employment status, ethnicity, gender, gender identity and
expression, height, immigration status, marital status, national origin or ancestry, physical
appearance, political ideology, race, religion/spirituality, sex, sexual orientation, tribal sovereign
status, veteran status, and/or weight.

11. Enumeration of certain rights herein shall not be construed as to nullify or limit any other rights
possessed by students; on the other hand, exercise of these rights falls within more general
university-wide regental policies.

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