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Section 1.14.04: Policy Governing Student Success Meetings

Students may be identified by any number of SSW personnel (faculty, advisors, field agencies, various School offices etc.) or the students themselves as potentially benefiting from additional support. Examples of such cases include, but are not limited to:
• Challenges in field placements
• Student identified behavioral health, health, or mental health issues
• Difficulties in classes (e.g., missing classes, grades, learning/writing challenges, interactions with others)
• Questions regarding the student’s ability to adhere to the
NASW Code of Ethics or meet the School of Social Work
Technical Standards

In such cases, the MSW program director and the assistant deans for field education and enrollment management (or a representative acting on their behalf) may agree that a student success meeting could be helpful. A technical advisor, academic advisor and other relevant people may be added to these support meetings. Students are welcome to include a support person of their choosing.

Student success meetings may result in a variety of outcomes, including but not limited to:
• A written plan for future steps to be taken to address the academic success challenges noted
• A modification of a student’s field placement or course plan
• Recommendations for follow up, including future meetings

If issues cannot be adequately resolved or addressed with this process, the matter will be referred to the associate dean for educational programs, who may refer the matter to the Academic Concerns Committee.

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