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Section 1.14.03: Failure to Remove Probationary Status

If a student fails to resolve probationary status in accordance with the approved probationary plan, the Academic Concerns Committee will hold a hearing that may include the student's academic advisor or another faculty member of the student's choice, the student, the assistant dean for enrollment management, the MSW program director, and others who may have information relevant to the student's progress. The committee decides whether to continue the probationary status or to disenroll the student.

If the committee decides to continue probationary status, it will specify a plan of action with an explicit timetable that must be communicated to all the parties involved, including the various instructors. The academic advisor is responsible for implementing the plan and informs the associate dean for educational programs regarding its implementation. It is expected that the relevant instructors will not undertake any independent action without prior consultation with the academic advisor and the associate dean.

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