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Section 1.12.08: Reporting Suspected Infractions and Preliminary Procedures

1. Any person may report an infraction of the Student Code of Academic and Professional
Conduct to the Associate Dean, providing details of the suspected academic or professional
misconduct by a student. The charge or request for investigation must be signed and dated
by the person making the allegation.

2. The Associate Dean or a delegate will make a preliminary investigation into the allegations.
This investigation may include discussion with all parties involved and consultation with
other appropriate persons. The Associate Dean or the delegate may discuss the charge
with the student suspected of an infraction and the student's advisor.

3. The Associate Dean will dispose the charge in one of the following ways:

a. Refer the matter to the university ombudsperson for informal resolution. The Associate Dean will
notify the Respondent in writing that allegations of misconduct have been made against them
and that the matter is being referred to the ombuds. If the ombuds determines that the
matter cannot be resolved informally, then it will be referred to the Academic Concerns Committee.

b. Refer the matter to the Academic Concerns Committee for resolution. The Associate Dean
will notify the respondent in writing of the allegations made against the student and the specific
misconduct violations. The Associate Dean will also inform the student that the matter has
been referred to the Academic Concerns Committee. Committee member names will be
provided in the notice, and the student will be informed of the right to object to any
member of the Academic Concerns Committee. This notice must also include a copy of
this Policy.

c. Dismiss the charge.

d. If the student admits responsibility for the misconduct, the Associate Dean may enter into
an agreement with the student regarding appropriate sanctions. A sanctioning agreement or
behavioral contract voluntarily entered into by the student is not appealable.

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