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Section 1.12.06: Appeal Procedures

1. Within ten business days after receiving the final report, the respondent or Associate Dean may
submit a written appeal to the Executive Committee. The following are the only grounds for an

a. There were violations of established policies and procedures resulting in an inappropriate

b. The sanctions are inappropriate in relation to the violation.

c. There is new evidence that was not reasonably available at the time of the hearing and
should be considered.

Note: The Executive Committee may decline to consider any appeal that does not fall within one of these categories of error.

2. When an appeal is filed, the Dean will determine if the sanctions imposed by the Committee
will stay in effect during the appeal process. The decision of the Dean is final.

3. The Respondent may ask to appear before the Executive Committee regarding the appeal. It is
at the discretion of the Executive Committee as to whether they will hear from the Respondent.
The Executive Committee will convene as soon as it is practical to review the merits of the appeal
and will promptly notify the Respondent, Chair of the Committee and Associate Dean regarding
the date they have scheduled to consider the appeal.

a. In reviewing the appeal, the Executive Committee may request that individuals be present to
present information relevant to the appeal.

b. If the Respondent is asked to appear, the respondent may be accompanied by an advisor, who may
be an attorney. The advisor may not participate directly in the proceeding but may only
advise the Respondent.

c. The appeal will be closed to the public and will be recorded. The Executive Committee will
deliberate in private and such deliberations will not be recorded.

d. The Executive Committee will issue its determination in writing to the Respondent, the Chair
of the Committee and the
Associate Dean within 10 business days of the meeting to review
the appeal. The decision of the Executive Committee is final.

4. The appeals process is not designed to provide for another hearing. The appeals process is
designed to provide for a review of possible errors. If the appeal does not fall within one of the
categories of error, the Executive Committee may decline to review the appeal and the
Determination of the Committee will be final.

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