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Section 1.12.05: The Academic Concerns Committee Hearing

1. The Chair of the Academic Concerns Committee will promptly notify the Respondent in writing
of the time and place of the hearing, the names of the members who will hear the complaint,
and to notify the respondent of rights and responsibilities regarding the Hearing, as provided
in this Policy.

2. The hearing must be scheduled within 21 business days from the date that the Associate Dean
referred the matter to the Academic Concerns Committee.

3. No later than seven business days before the Hearing, the Respondent must submit to the Chair:
(a) any written response to be considered by the Academic Concerns Committee; (b) the names
of any witnesses; (c) copies of any documents to be presented; (d) the name of any advisor and
whether that advisor is an attorney, and (e) whether the Respondent objects to any member of
the Academic Concerns Committee participating in the hearing.

If the Respondent objects to any members' participation in the hearing, the Associate Dean
or delegate will decide whether to remove a member from the hearing. The decision of the
Associate Dean regarding the composition of the panel is final and may not be appealed.

5. No later than three business days before the Hearing, the Chair of the Academic Concerns
Committee must provide the Respondent and the Associate Dean copies of all documents
submitted to the Academic Concerns Committee for consideration, including the initial written
charge, the names of all witnesses, the names of any advisors and whether the advisors are

6. The Respondent will have an opportunity to appear before the Academic Concerns Committee
and present their case. The Respondent may review all documents considered by the
Academic Concerns Committee, question all adverse witnesses, offer documentation, and
present witnesses.

7. The hearing will be closed to the public and will be recorded by electronic means. All
recordings of the hearing will be controlled by the School of Social Work. No court reporters,
stenographers, videographers or similar professionals are permitted without the prior consent of
the School of Social Work. The Respondent may request a copy of the recording.

8. The Chair of the Committee will preside over the hearing. The Committee is not bound by legal
rules of evidence and may limit testimony based on redundancy or lack of relevancy.

9. The Committee may elect to invite University Counsel to attend the hearing. University Counsel
may advise the Committee but may not otherwise participate in the hearing.

10. If the student fails or declines to appear at the hearing, the Committee may proceed to hear the
case and make findings and recommendations without the student's participation.

11. The initial complainant may be asked to attend the hearing as a witness.

12. The Committee will deliberate in private, and such deliberations will not be recorded. The vote
of the majority of the members of the Committee will determine whether the respondent is
found responsible or not responsible for the alleged violation and will determine the appropriate
sanctions. A finding that the respondent is responsible for an alleged violation will be made in
the sound discretion of the Committee and based on the totality of the evidence presented.

13. The Committee will prepare a final written report containing its factual findings, determination
as to the respondent's responsibility for misconduct, and sanctions, if warranted. The Committee
must submit its report to the Respondent and the Associate Dean within five business days of
the hearing.

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