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Section 1.12.02: Professional Misconduct

Nothing in this policy prevents the school from employing temporary measures that are necessary to protect the safety or health of individuals or to maintain conditions compatible with the educational process. Similarly, this policy does not prevent the school from taking necessary administrative actions such as hold credits and library fines, as appropriate.

Students who are found responsible for professional misconduct are subject to disciplinary action up to and including dismissal from the School of Social Work, revocation of degree or any other sanction deemed appropriate to redress the violation. Examples of possible sanctions include:

1. Oral or written disciplinary warning or reprimand

2. Requiring counseling as a condition of return to a program, course of study, or enrollment

3. Noting misconduct on a student's transcript

4. Requiring that a course or practicum experience be repeated

5. Requiring that additional coursework, research, or written assignment be completed

6. Restitution

7. Community service

8. Suspension

9. Expulsion

10. Withholding of degree

11. Rescinding of degree

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