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Section 1.11.00: Student Code of Academic and Professional Conduct

Social work students are held to the highest standards of academic and professional conduct. This Code of Academic and Professional Conduct applies to all students enrolled in the School of Social Work, including full-time and part-time students, students in extended programs, post-MSW students, non-degree students students enrolled in social work courses, or any other person in a special admissions status in the school. This policy covers both on-campus and off-campus academic and professional activities by students.

Should concerns arise regarding a student’s academic and/or professional conduct, a student success meeting shall be called to discuss the issue(s). Such meetings typically involve the student, the
MSW program director (or designee), the assistant dean for enrollment management (or designee), the assistant dean for field education, as well as the student’s academic advisor and field faculty. The goal of the student success meeting is to develop a plan of action.

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