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Section 1.07.01: Grades for Special Circumstances

Incomplete (I): Used when illness or other compelling reasons prevent completion of work by the conclusion of the semester, when there is a definite, written plan and date for completion of course or field assignments approved by the instructor/field faculty. A grade of I may also be issued when a student fails to submit required field paperwork by the published deadline. Any I grade remaining on a student's record more than two terms after the conclusion of the term in which the grade was awarded becomes a permanent incomplete, and credit can be earned only by retaking the course. This limit includes the spring/summer term and applies regardless of the student's subsequent enrollment or track. However, if, at the time the instructor agreed to the I, an earlier date of submission and/or completion of final work was agreed upon, then this date takes precedence over the two-term policy. A change in grade will not be accepted after two terms for any reason other than clerical error. Requests for any exceptions to this policy must be initiated by the student prior to the end of the first term after the term in which the I was earned and submitted to the MSW program director for consideration and possible approval.

Note: A grade of I stays on a student's academic record permanently. Even if the student makes up the course or field work according to the guidelines stated above, the grade for the course will appear on the academic record as, for example, IB+ or IS. If the I is not made up in the approved time frame the grade is changed to an IPL (incomplete permanent lapse) and is final.

Extension (Y): Used when the work exceeds the semester's time. A grade of Y is typically issued when completion is extended due to structural factors, such as placement into a field site that would not allow for completion within the normal semester timeframe. A grade of Y can be issued whether extended completion is due to late placement or course design or placement in a field site requires work beyond the end of the semester. A grade of Y is not used when work is incomplete due to illness, lack of submission of paperwork by deadlines, or other factors related to the student. See I grading above.

Withdrawal (W): Shown on student transcripts for all courses dropped after the drop/add deadline. A student may petition to withdraw from a course any time after the drop/add deadline and by no later than the last date the class meets. If withdrawing results in the student's moving from full-time to part-time status, there may be financial aid implications. Please contact the Office of Student Services and Enrollment Management. Requests for the removal of a W grade from a student record may be made to the MSW program director and are approved only in rare cases.

No Report (NR): Only used when a student listed on the grade report has not been attending the class or when the instructor is unable to submit a grade due to factors related to the instructor. Students who never attend a one-credit course in which they are enrolled will receive a grade of NR (no report). Partial attendance without dropping the one-credit course may result in a grade of U or E, which carries no credit and indicates failure. Grades of NR are typically issued for field education when the reason a grade cannot be issued is due to factors related to field faculty or field instructor and not due to any problem on the part of the student. NR grades are rare and sometimes temporary.

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