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Section 1.07.00: Grades in Academic Courses and in Field Education

In most cases, letter grades from A through E are given for class performance based on an instructor’s grading rubric. Grades of A are given for exceptional individual performance and mastery of the material. The use of A+, A, and A– distinguishes degrees of superior mastery. B grades are given to students who demonstrate mastery of the material: B+ is used for students who perform just above the mastery level but not in an exceptional manner; B– is used for students just below the mastery level. C grades are given when mastery of the material is minimal. A C– is the lowest grade which carries credit. D grades indicate deficiency and carry no credit. E grades indicate failure and carry no credit. One-credit courses may also be offered as S (satisfactory) or U (unsatisfactory).

The grading system for all field education courses consists of S (satisfactory), M (marginal), and U (unsatisfactory). S is used when the quality of performance is acceptable and credit is granted for the course. M is used when the quality of performance is less than satisfactory, but short of failing. U is used when the quality of performance is inadequate and no credit is granted.

Field faculty are responsible for grading field education performance. Students are expected to adhere to the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) Code of Ethics, to meet the University of Michigan School of Social Work Technical Standards, to follow field site policies and procedures and to conduct themselves in a professional manner. Failure to meet these expectations may be reflected in field instruction grades and/or other action taken by the school.

When determining the final grade in SW 515 and SW 691 Field Faculty will consider the following items:

1. The student’s ability to adhere to the SSW Technical Standards. Please review these with your field instructor at
your field placement site.

2. Completion of all field assignments and tasks by the assigned due date.
Failure to meet due dates for field
education assignments may result in a Marginal Grade. The assignments below have due dates:

i. Placement Verification Form (student and field instructor)

ii. Educational Agreement assignment selection (student and field instructor)

iii. Field connections participation (student to attend at least 1)

iv. Site Visit scheduling and participation (student and field instructor)

v. Educational Agreement justifications and ratings (student and field instructor)

vi. Key learning experience assignment (student)

See explanations below for the definition of satisfactory, marginal and unsatisfactory

Satisfactory Grade
Students will earn a Satisfactory “S” grade by:

• Timely completion of the Placement Verification Form (student and field instructor)

• Timely selection of the Educational Agreement assignments (student and field instructor)

• Active participation in at least one Field Connections Session

• Timely Site Visit scheduling, demonstration of competency progression and active participation in the site visit
(student and field instructor)

• Submitting Educational Agreement justifications and ratings on time. Justifications should follow the directions in
Canvas and syllabus (student and field instructor)

• Submitting the Key learning experience assignment on time. This assignment is graded based on the students’
ability to follow the directions in the assignment and demonstrates progressive self-reflection and critical thinking

Incomplete Grade
Students may request an Incomplete “I” grade from the Field Faculty if they are unable to complete their assignments, including completion of required field hours before the due date. Students must develop a plan for completing their work and review it with the Field Faculty before the end of the term. Once the work is completed the student will receive a permanent grade of Satisfactory ("S") or Marginal “M” for this work and will be eligible to have the previous Incomplete ("I") grade changed to a grade of "IS" or “IM”.

Marginal Grade
A student that does not complete their field assignments as outlined in this document, including completion of the end of term Evaluation by the established due date may receive a Marginal (“M”) grade. Students who receive a marginal grade in SW 515 or SW 691, will need to complete a remediation plan in order to raise the grade to “S”. Students receiving an “M” grade will not begin to accumulate field hours in subsequent terms until the remediation plan is completed. An “M” grade may also result in the student being placed on academic probation.

Note: A grade of “MS” or “IM” or “IS” stays on the academic record permanently.

Unsatisfactory Grade
Receiving a grade of Unsatisfactory will require that the student repeat the course including all field hours for that term. Termination due to performance issues or unprofessional behavior from a field site will result in a “U” grade for field for the term.

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