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Section 1.05.00: Policy on Non-Candidate for Degree (NCFD) courses taken prior to enrollment in the MSW Program

Upon enrollment in the master's degree program, a total of 18 hours of social work courses taken as a non-degree student at the University of Michigan will automatically be applied to degree requirements, provided grades of B or better were earned, the courses were taken within seven years from the student's MSW start date, and the credits have not been used toward another degree.

Even if more than 18 credit hours of non-degree social work courses meet these provisions, only 18 hours may be applied to the degree requirements. The specific hours to be applied will be determined at the student's initial registration conference. After satisfactory completion of one full-time term in residence, the student's academic advisor may petition the MSW program director for application of further credits.

Exchange students will only be admitted from institutions with which the School of Social Work has an official partnership. All exchange students must be recommended and approved to attend the University of Michigan by their home institution before applying. Admitted NCFD exchange students will only be admitted for one term and must return to their home institution upon completion of that term. All tuition and mandatory student fees will be waived for these students in accordance with the memorandum of understanding between the University of Michigan and the home institution.

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