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Section 1.04.01: Guidelines for Transfer Hours

The specific number of hours that may be transferred is subject to the following guidelines.

1. Up to 30 hours of graduate credit for social work courses completed in another CSWE-accredited
graduate school of social work may be transferred for students coming from a degree-seeking
program and up to 15 hours for students coming from a non-degree-seeking program.

2. No more than 9 credit hours may be transferred after enrollment at the University of Michigan.
All other transfer coursework must be completed prior to enrollment at the University of

3. Graduate credit in cognate (non-social work) areas for courses taken in another unit at the
University of Michigan or at another graduate program in an accredited institution may be
recommended for transfer providing the content applies in a substantive way to the student's
program of study.

4. The maximum number of cognate credit hours that may be recommended for transfer of credit
will be limited to the number of exemption and elective credit hours available to the student.

5. The transfer of credit for both social work and cognate courses must meet the provisions
specified above.

Students should request that transcripts of potential transfer credit be sent to the School of Social Work at the time of admission or when the course to be transferred is completed. For those courses taken prior to enrollment in the SSW, the potential transfer credits will be reviewed by the MSW program director in the SSW prior to the first term of MSW enrollment. Students will be notified before registering for the first term how the potential transfer credits would count in the MSW program.

If students seek to take courses to transfer once enrolled in the SSW, they should discuss potential transfer credits with their faculty advisors who will submit a request to grant such credit to the school's registrar via the
Transfer of Credit Request form found at . If necessary, the academic advisor may refer the student to the Technical Advising Team to discuss potential transfer credits.

See also
volume 1, section 19.01 Transfer of Credit Policy for Field Education.

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