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Section 1.02.03: Policy and Procedures for Retroactive Withdrawals

A retroactive withdrawal is defined as a request to withdraw from a course after the last day the class meets or from a full term after the last day of classes for the term. The last day of a class is the last possible date that a student may request a course withdrawal before the retroactive withdrawal request process applies. It is the student’s responsibility to adhere to any published deadlines of the School of Social Work. At no point after the term has ended will a class be removed from the student record. It will remain on the record with a grade of W if the withdrawal is approved.

Retroactive Withdrawal Requests
The School of Social Work generally discourages retroactive changes, and considers exceptions to this rule only when a student (a) makes a compelling case that withdrawal is appropriate and (b) provides documentation supporting the case.

Requests for retroactive withdrawals should be submitted in a timely manner to the SSW Registrar’s Office. In general, such requests will only be considered within twelve (12) months from the end of the term/class.

Requests for changes must:

1. Provide evidence that the student was unable to complete the term. Non-attendance and/or
failure to complete assignments would be considered in such instance of (but not limited to) a
debilitating physical, mental, or family crisis.
2. Apply to all classes unless a physical or mental health problem prevented the student from
finishing a particular class, or if the student never attends classes and forgets to disenroll for the
entire term.
3. Explain why the
Intent to Withdraw form was not submitted during the term.
4. Address any financial implications or other consequences of the change (such as MET/MESP,
Veteran's Benefits, financial aid, and athletic eligibility).

For a retroactive withdrawal request to be considered, students must provide the following documentation:
(a) an attendance record or other verification from the instructor indicating the student did not complete the
(b) a statement from the instructor in support of the request for retroactive withdrawal;
(c) physician's documentation concerning relevant physical or mental circumstances;
(d) documentation of other extenuating circumstances (obituary or other evidence of family
emergency); and
(e) a statement from the academic advisor or the Office of the Registrar that withdrawal from this course
will not affect other classes on the student's transcript (e.g. prerequisites or repetitions).

Students must submit a retroactive withdrawal request which must be approved and signed by the
associate dean for educational programs, processed through the SSW registrar's office and submitted to the university registrar.

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