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Section 1.02.01: Withdrawing from All Classes

Withdrawing from all classes, including field education and independent study, in a given term cannot be done via Wolverine Access. If, after completing registration, a student is no longer able or no longer intending to remain enrolled, the student must complete the following steps to disenroll:

1. Contact the assistant dean for enrollment management or the director of student services and
discuss withdrawal and financial aid implications.

2. Complete the intent to withdraw form located at
and submit the intent form to the SSW registrar with the initials of the assistant dean for enrollment
management or the director of student services.

3. Students in both the on-campus and online MSW programs are strongly recommend to meet with their faculty
advisor (or the online program manager) to discuss how course withdrawal will impact their course completion

If the student withdraws/disenrolls prior to the first day of university classes, the student simply needs to contact the university Office of the Registrar and the School of Social Work registrar. The
Intent to Withdraw form may be necessary.

Note: Students may not withdraw or disenroll from a term without approval from the MSW program director if there are fewer than 30 calendar days left until the end of the term or after the term is completed (see Retroactive Withdrawal Requests, volume 1, section 2.03). It is vital to note that students in the MSW programs are required to be enrolled in at least four (4) credits to be able to receive federal funding.

Students are still required to pay the registration fee and are subject to a disenrollment fee if withdrawal takes place once university classes have begun.

For more detail on disenrollment/term withdrawal and fee implications, go to .

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