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The Power of Endowment

Endowed gifts build lasting financial strength and provide permanent support for student scholarships, teaching, research and an abundance of other academic programs and activities. Earnings from your gift grow over time to fund your philanthropic priorities. This is a wonderful way to create your legacy at the School of Social Work.

Giving Level

Generates About

The Possibilities

Pays full cost of attendance ($23,700 tuition and living expenses) for one in-state MSW student or full tuition for an out-of-state MSW student
Pays full tuition for one in-state MSW student or attracts top master's student with $24,500 scholarship
Reduces the debt load by $4,500 for an in-state MSW student
Supports the cost of books, supplies and other supplemental living expenses or reduces a MSW student's loan burden by $5,500 over 2 years.
Supports a MSW student's field placement expenses or supplements the cost of books

An endowed gift of $100,000 over 20 years will grow to $254,847 (Estimated market value.) generating $130,805 for students in that time. Plus: it keeps growing in perpetuity.

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