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Andi Salinas, MSW Candidate

I’m Going to Change the World by Bringing Outdoor Education to LGBT Youth

Outdoor education provides a space where LGBT youth can be themselves and feel comfortable without the stressors of society. LGBT youth are capable of doing more than they think they are, but society makes them feel limited. Breaking out of that box shows them that they can do amazing things and that they’re amazing people.”

Why I'm Here

As I was growing up in Michigan, the University of Michigan School of Social Work had a reputation for being very rigorous and very reputable.

Impact of the Scholarship

I would not have been able to attend U-M without scholarships. It was really awesome to think that the University of Michigan School of Social Work and the Wheeler Memorial Scholarship thought that I was worthy. It was a really amazing and unique opportunity.

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Hailey Richards, MSW Candidate

I’m Going to Change the World by Helping to Reform the Criminal Justice System

I want to be instrumental in creating policies that are more affirming for people in the criminal justice system and will help with reentry into society when they get out.

Why I'm Here

I fell in love with the campus. It’s so beautiful! At the School of Social Work, I liked that I could choose a practice method and concentration and really create a program for me.

Impact of the Scholarship

I come from a working class background, so I’d have to be paying for school with loans. It’s very meaningful to receive help from the School, making it possible for me to complete the program without huge debt I’m very thankful to have two scholarships directly related to what I want to do in social work.

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Jazz McGinnis, MSW '17

I Want to Change the World by Offering Holistic Health Care

My big dream is to open my own LGBTQ community health center and create gold standard holistic integrated treatment plans for people who wouldn’t otherwise have access to innovative care. I want to work on a grand scale. How do we provide health services for people who really haven’t ever been given the opportunity to thrive?

Why I'm Here

I wanted the best education so that I could go out and provide the best patient care possible to the people who need it most.

Impact of the Scholarship

I would never have been able to afford coming to school here and developing myself as a social worker without scholarship support.

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LeTorrian Jackson, MSW Candidate

I Want to Change the World for People Suffering from Mental Illnesses

I’m curious, I love to ask questions, I love to see people grow, and I had seen first-hand how untreated mental illness can affect lives. I watched people fight for their lives with mental health issues and not have anyone to sit down with who could hear their voice.

Why I'm Here

I heard about the Detroit Clinical Scholars program at the U-M School of Social Work. I really liked how they focused on community mental health and helping underserved populations receive better care.

Impact of the Scholarship

Without the scholarships I would not have been able to attend U-M. The scholarships provided relief from the financial stress and enabled me to focus on my work, preform well and obtain my MSW. I am very thankful.

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Megan O’Brien, MSW Candidate

I Want to Change the World of Health Care

I want to serve in a clinical role for survivors of torture. Longer term, I want to work to improve the health care system for refugees to make it more culturally sensitive.

Why I'm Here

I appreciated the academic rigor of the program and the amount of research coming out of the school. I wanted to continue working with immigrant populations, and there are many in this part of the country. I liked the dual degree program with public health. It’s really integrated. I can take classes in both schools at the same time. This model is unique to Michigan.

Impact of the Scholarship

The scholarship has been a huge help. It is wonderful that donors are investing in students like me. It’s a great feeling to have that help, and I am incredibly grateful for the support and the investment in my education; this scholarship is giving me opportunities to pursue my professional and educational goals and to better equip me to address the health disparities faced by immigrants and other vulnerable communities in my career.

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Myranda Aryana Bryan, MSW '17

I Want to Change the World for those with Substance Use Disorders

I want to improve how we tackle substance use, especially now, with the opioid epidemic.

Why I'm Here

The Integrated Health Program lined up with my background and interest in learning to work as part of an interdisciplinary team. This program helped me continue to work with clients and help them toward wellness.

Impact of the Scholarship

The scholarship made it possible it was special to learn with students with similar interests, supported by a small group of faculty. It really equipped us to be effective social workers able to deliver great care.

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