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Change the World

I’m Going to Change the World Through Research and Policy Work

Angie Perone, PhD Candidate

I would like to continue building research and policy that makes a positive impact in the lives of caregivers and the people who need care, especially in communities that face stark disparities in healthcare. I also deeply value the importance of mentorship and look forward to working with students to play a positive role in their education and professional growth.

Why I'm Here

When I visited the School I was warmly welcomed by the graduate students and faculty. We had engaging conversations all week. I felt intellectually stimulated and it was inspiring to my heart. And interdisciplinary work was critically important for me, and U-M is known for that.

Impact of the Scholarship

As a recent law grad working for a nonprofit I had significant debt. I also had a baby, so receiving the scholarship helped offset some of the costs associated with my wonderful but expensive son!

It is quite meaningful receiving an award named after a particular individual. I was really humbled to speak to people who know John Longres, and to hear about his life and contributions. It made the award more meaningful and personal.

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