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Change the World

Khaneisha Harewood

I'm Going to Change the World by Being there for Families with Cancer

It would have helped a lot, when I was a child, if I’d had someone to talk to about what cancer was and what it was doing to my mother. But no one was there for me. I want to be there for people who are dealing with the same things I went through as a child.

Why I'm Here

It’s the top social work program in the country. You get more bang for your buck! My professors are so knowledgeable in their fields. People are so open and supportive here. I love my field placement. And the University has been very generous to me with scholarships.

Impact of the Scholarship

I am very fortunate to get to have an education and to receive the Katherine R. Reebel Scholarship. So many brilliant brains are not stimulated because they just don’t have the opportunity, so I feel very blessed to be in school and to have people investing in me.

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