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I’m Going to Change the World for Kids and Families

Sarah Dubuc, MSW Candidate

I have a passion for working with children and youth affected by foster care. I want to connect families with resources and help produce resources that don’t yet exist. I want families to have a chance.

Why I'm Here

My MSW had to be local, because I had a family to care for. My husband pointed out that U-M was the number one school of social work, so that did it! U-M also runs on my side of the family, and I thought it would be cool to continue the generational thing. Though I have not been to a football game in a while!

Impact of the Scholarship

I have a large family, so any funding I could get was amazingly helpful. When I found out that I was awarded the scholarship, I was so excited, I Immediately texted my friends and family with the news. It was very helpful to know that some of the tuition was already taken care of.” It was a relief not to have to worry as much about finances.

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