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Change the World

Minhee Choi, MSW 2017

I'm Going to Change the World by Creating Spaces for the Homeless, Immigrant and International Kids

I want to continue my education, combining my social work background with my undergraduate architecture training by working with a nonprofit to build housing for the homeless. I can relate to students who come from other countries. I came to the U.S. at fourteen. The cultural adjustment was hard. What I went through helps me to be a role model and someone they can relate to.

Why I'm Here

It's the number one school of social work in the nation, and I heard so many good things from students! I was really interested in learning about all the different types of social work practice offered at our School. Having this variety of practice options is rare for a social work school.

Impact of the Scholarship

Because of the scholarship, I am able to work less and be more active in the community and apply my skills and experience.

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