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Change the World

Andrew Stewart

I'm Going to Change the World by Being a Bridge

I always want people to do the best that they can. I want them to see that they don’t have to be complacent, that they can do great things. There are things that hinder people. So I want to be a bridge for them. I want to empower them to break down the barriers that hold them back from being a better student or parent or whatever they want to be.

Why I'm Here

For my Master’s in Social Work, I researched the best schools. U of M is number one for Social Work. I came here, and I toured the School. Everyone was so sweet and nice. And it’s very diverse. I wanted to be part of a student body with people from a lot of places. U-M had that. I felt this tug at my heart to be here.

Impact of the Scholarship

The Katherine R. Reebel Scholarship has definitely taken a burden off my shoulders. It was a big part of my decision to come here. I am very, very thankful and grateful that Dr. Reebel created the scholarship, and that the School could offer me this opportunity.

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