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Samuel Chamberlain, MSW Candidate

I Want to Change the World of Juvenile Justice

I would like to play a role in development and implementation of juvenile justice programs. I want to remain connected to the population I am serving. I want to work on the ground to decrease juvenile incarceration, making sure youth are supported to be able to become all that they can be.

Why I'm Here

When I searched for MSW programs, University of Michigan stood out with regard to social work as a management tool, as opposed to programs that may address the macro social work but not what it means to be a social worker in a leadership or administrative role.


School of Social Work Scholarship Fund

Impact of the Scholarship

As a previously homeless youth, access to higher education was difficult for me. I don’t have the financial resources of my family, so I’m really thankful that the scholarship defrayed the cost of tuition making it possible for me to attend. The dollars don’t allow just an educational experience for one person. They change the lives of all of the people that social worker will impact during their career.

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