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Charity Hoffman, PhD Candidate

I Want to Change the World for New Mothers

I see low-wage women losing their jobs during their pregnancies and unable to get any parental leave. Their child's life starts with Mom having no job and no money, trying to find work with a six-week-old baby to take care of. I am committed to researching and advocating for policies that are informed by the real needs of women and their families.

Why I'm Here

I wanted the inter-relationship between research and practice that they offer at U-M. I wanted to study not just individual interventions, but macro-level work to make those interventions more effective.

Impact of the Scholarship

The John F. Longres Award has allowed me essential time to deepen my involvement with the local community. I have been able to volunteer in Washtenaw County in the same social work practice areas in which I am interested-with single mothers and youth activists and refugee families- and I don't have to take out loans to be able to do it all.

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