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Deja Anderson

I'm Going to Change the World by Connecting Detroit Youth to Jobs, Resources and a Future

I was born and raised in Detroit. I love Detroit, but I see people in my neighborhood struggling to stay in their homes. They need resources and people who are genuinely working to advocate for them. I want to use my skill set as a social worker with students, families and teachers that need help.

Why I'm Here

In my undergrad minor, Community Action and Social Change, at the School of Social Work, the courses were amazing. They inspired me to apply to the School of Social Work to get my MSW.

Impact of the Scholarship

I knew I had to find scholarships. I searched online, and the Arthur L. Johnson Scholarship was first one I found. A donor should know—when they establish a Social Work scholarship, they help someone make a difference in the lives of others. When you invest in a social work student, and they go change the world, without the worry of having to pay back a loan. Thanks to my scholarship, I’m free to focus on the vision I had when I applied here: providing people with the hope and the resources to build better lives.

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