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Mary C. Ruffolo

Rosemary A. Sarri Collegiate Professor of Social Work

Mary C. Ruffolo

Professor Mary Ruffolo’s research focuses on integrated behavioral health and primary care,organizational factors that influence sustaining evidence based interventions/programs in community behavioral health settings, adapting efficacious interventions for children and youth experiencing serious mental health challenges, and addressing ways to disseminate interventions with at-risk populations.

Professor Ruffolo is currently PI on two HRSA behavioral health workforce training grants in the Detroit community and was the PI on two other HRSA workforce training grants that ended in 2015 and 2018.

As Associate Dean for Education Programs, Professor Ruffolo has been working with faculty, field instructors and students to revise the MSW curriculum, strengthen the digital and web-based course offerings, develop the MicroMasters certificate, build global partnerships with other social work programs, and enhance the continuing education programs for alumni and professionals.

Research Interests/Focus

Integrated behavioral health and primary care, behavioral health interventions for youth and adults, evaluation of the use of instructional technologies in social work education


Year Degree   School
1988 PhD Social Welfare Ohio State University, Columbus
1979 MSW Social Work University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana
1978 BS Social Work and Spanish University of Dayton, OH

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