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Emma Sophia Kay

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Emma Sophia Kay
Emma Sophia Kay received her PhD in social work at the University of Alabama in 2018. She has a strong research interest in HIV, particularly as it interfaces with healthcare policy. Her research investigates the association between healthcare payer type and HIV health outcomes, including viral suppression and retention in care, and seeks to bring attention to the impact that healthcare policy has on people living with HIV. In 2017-2018 she was one of five doctoral students selected by the National Association of Social Workers to receive the Social Work Health Care Education and Leadership Scholars (HEALS) fellowship.. Prior to joining the University of Michigan School of Social Work, Dr. Kay conducted research at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB)'s Center for AIDS Research, where she gained experience working with medical records data and large data sets. 

Research Interests/Focus

HIV health outcomes; health policy; access to healthcare; health equity


Year Degree   School
2018 PhD Social Work University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa
2014 MSW Social Work University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa
2009 BS Biological Sciences University of Alabama, Huntsville

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