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Heather Knauer

LEO Intermittent Lecturer

Heather Knauer
Heather Knauer, MSPH'11, PhD'16, focuses on the relationships between parents and young children, and early childhood development, with particular interest in the pathways of effects of programs sociodemographic contexts. Knauer is currently involved in evaluating parenting programs in low- and middle- income countries, and understanding the role of parenting and parent-child relationships in child development in minority, vulnerable, and/or underserved populations.

Research Interests/Focus

Early childhood development, parenting, parent-child relationships, home resources for child stimulation, maternal and child health, global health, and early intervention (home visiting, preschool, parenting programs)


Year Degree   School
2016 PhD Health Policy, Population Health University of California, Berkeley
2011 MPH Public Health Johns Hopkins, Baltimore, MD
2009 BA Child Development Tufts University, Medford, MA

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