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Share, Explore, Engage, Discover (SEED) Mini-course

SW510, Section 015

During New Student Orientation, varied social work topics, or themes, will be presented as foundation-level mini-courses inviting students to share, explore, engage, and discover the vast world of social work. This course will emphasize experiential, active, and engaged learning components and operationalize the three SEED goals: 1) Strengthen connection and community at the School of Social Work, 2) Explore PODS (privilege, oppression, diversity, & social justice), and 3) Learn foundation-level social work skills. Each theme will begin by attending a shared welcome experience.

Topic Description / Additional Information

Only incoming MSW students enroll in this mini course.
Mini-course Description: As outlined in the National Association of Social Workers Code of Ethics, social workers have an ethical obligation to engage in social and political action to promote social justice. This obligation can be fulfilled in a variety of ways depending on the social worker’s area of practice, but a focus on fighting racism and oppression should always be at the core of that work. This course will explore that obligation as well as provide students with tools to begin their engagement and assist them in developing a plan for prolonged engagement relevant to their area of practice. Students will also have an opportunity to explore historical and current examples of social workers engaged in political engagement and policymaking work.

Social workers and social work students in both micro and macro settings have a role in promoting the political engagement of those that they serve as well as the general public. This course will explore methods to promote the engagement of others and the potential to enhance the engagement of agencies that employ social workers. The need for this work will be explored through the lens of fighting against racist and oppressive policies. Students will examine how a lack of political engagement leads to the promotion of racist and oppressive policies. Specifically, students will explore the history of voter suppression in the United States, how methods to suppress voting by disadvantaged populations continues now, and the impact that has on current policies.

Semester: Fall 2020
Instructor: Justin D. Hodge
Topic: The Role of Social Work in Promoting Political Engagement
U-M Class #: 27015
Time: Detail
Program Type: Residential
Format: Online
Credits: 1 Credit Hours

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O:Online - course is delivered online

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