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Share, Explore, Engage, Discover (SEED) Mini-course

SW510, Section 008

During New Student Orientation, varied social work topics, or themes, will be presented as foundation-level mini-courses inviting students to share, explore, engage, and discover the vast world of social work. This course will emphasize experiential, active, and engaged learning components and operationalize the three SEED goals: 1) Strengthen connection and community at the School of Social Work, 2) Explore PODS (privilege, oppression, diversity, & social justice), and 3) Learn foundation-level social work skills. Each theme will begin by attending a shared welcome experience.

Topic Description / Additional Information

Only incoming MSW students enroll in this mini course.
Mini-course Description: This section is limited to the 33 incoming Detroit Clinical Scholars.

This course is focused on students preparing to deliver behavioral health services to children, adolescents, transitional age youth and their families within Wayne County. By utilizing the ecological systems theory, students will be provided an overview of the history, culture and current services through a hands on guided exploration of the city. PODS will be explored by participating in a panel presentation with Parent Partners and Transitional Age Youth who have experience with utilizing the behavioral health care system within Wayne County. Panel participants will share insight on living with challenges, ways to reduce stigma and things to be aware of as a new social worker in the community.As foundation level social workers, students will be introduced to the system structure for service deliver in Wayne County. A showcase of agencies serving children, adolescents, transitional age youth and families will provide an overview of the services available within the system and the process for accessing behavioral health services.

Semester: Fall 2020
Instructors: Daicia R. Price, Abigail H. Eiler
Topic: Social Work in the D: Preparing to be a Detroit Clinical Scholar
U-M Class #: 25693
Time: Detail
Program Type: Residential
Format: Online
Credits: 1 Credit Hours

Course Codes

O:Online - course is delivered online

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