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Class Descriptions

Practice Seminar in Child Maltreatment: Assessment and Treatment


Subject: Interpersonal Practice
Credits: 3
Prerequesites: Not Available
Applies To & Method Type: Elective, IP Methods CW
Faculty Approval Date: 11/08/2006

Course Description

This is a methods course intended to develop skills for child welfare practice, with special attention to child maltreatment. Students learn about the various contexts in which child welfare practice takes place and the skills and modalities that are used with children, youth, and families who are the focus of child welfare intervention. This course will prepare students to work with diverse client populations and will help them appreciate the imbalance of power between client and professional. Understanding the needs and responses of involuntary clients is an integral part of the course. Relevant evidence-based practices are taught and child welfare policies and practices are subjected to critical review. The first term will focus on assessment and the second on treatment.

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